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Well endowed Bondage submissive and exhibitionist
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Bondage4Me Male 52 Gay Dungeon Master
Well endowed italian bondage submissive and exhibitionist seeking serious intense inescapable bondage /immobilized even, and bdsm type play. Love kidnap roleplay/abductions scenes, very much into being kept naked , blindfolded and hooded, forced poppers to disorient me , tied spread eagle , filmed, audience , orgasm tease and denial , manhandled , toys used on me, edged milked shaved suspension, chains rope leather , forced intox , forced to perform for audience or for recording porn , dungeons, gimp , always naked shaved smooth collared displayed, used as a sex toy , or object - a sex slave. love super long sessions , overnight, all weekend, all month, all year , permanent. i dont like gentle. i dont like vanilla i am hardcore bondage , if i can escape i will and im adept at escape, so i seek real bondage . i will give up complete control , but i want you to take control . id be happy always naked always hooded always in chains never knowing who is near me , how many, if im being filmed , what day or time it is , naked no matter who is there, kept as a sex slave.
Southgate Michigan
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