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B.U.D.D.Y. Who is this guy? I’m a short, stocky, hairy, bearcub who loves to get physical. I’ve got the heart of a playful puppy, but the appearance of a bull—well, a short one. Under my chubbiness, I’m very strong. I have broad shoulders, a wide back, and thick, strong legs. I shave my head, and wear either a goatee or a beard. I live in Saint Louis, have a regular job, and have been happily partnered to a bear since 2004. I love animals, and nature in general, but often, allergies can get in the way. (severely allergic to cats, birds, and wasp stings—travel with epi pen) I love Horror and Sci-fi movies, British comedy, classic pro wrestling (pre WWE), and other boy type stuff. I enjoy reading fun things. I like mysterious and cool stuff, and I am attracted by shiny things. Hobby wise, I play rugby and I meet up with guys to wrestle when I can. I take a BJJ class. I am also a trained pro wrestler, and have worked on shows and videos in the past. I enjoy camping, and getting to listen to the stories other people have to tell about fun times. I am a genuine nice guy, with a huge heart that I wear on my sleeve. I mean what I say, but I don’t always say what’s on my mind. I have a hard time fitting in among the gay community—especially the leather community—because I abhor cruelty and indifference. I have a natural urge to help people when I can, and I care for those people I meet—even internet pals—as human beings, not just words on a screen. When I see people elevate themselves higher than they should, and treat others as less than human based on looks or rumor, I am reminded of how those very same people put on the sashes and talk about how much of a brotherhood we all are, and I am sickened. I have no patience with false pretense any longer. I’ve made it a point to be straightforward in my life, and I hope to find others who are on a similar path. How do I see myself? I would say that I am a voluntary submissive. I am no slave. I have no need inside to care for the domestic needs of another. I cannot call myself a boy, either. When I think of the term “boy,” I think of someone who needs training and guidance in the leather world—at least in terms of respect and protocol. I do not need or want this, either. Most of the dominants I have encountered need either a strong refresher course in this themselves, or knew far less than I did. Further, much of it is simply common sense. Finally, when the bulk of these protocols came about, they were for the protection of the inexperienced from predators. I am far from inexperienced. I choose, out of respect, to offer my submission to someone more dominant than myself. I serve their needs to the best of my abilities in the hope that they will give back the activities that I enjoy. I understand that the happier I make them, the more they will appreciate and reward me. It’s a symbiosis that grows with both parties and evolves with experience. Terminology doesn’t matter, however. If the dominant wishes to be called Sir, Master, Daddy, etc. That’s cool. If he wishes to call me pup, or boy, that’s fine too. You’re partnered, how does that work? I’ve been partnered to a non kink bear for 8 years. We have been open and honest the whole time. He prefers that I have a dominant to serve. His reasoning is that if I am owned by one Dom, then when I go play, he will always know where I am, and who I am with. He will know I am safe, and not have to worry about whether or not, I have hooked up with a stranger and fallen prey to some psycho. While I have had some tell me that a partner is not compatible with a master, I have to disagree. I have been in service of a few Doms while partnered. Each of these Doms took it upon themselves to get to know my partner. Some of them have become close friends with him. Others, have remained only an acquaintance. My partner himself, feels no need to get to know my Doms. He is happy to, if they would like to, but he is not interested in the details of what we do. Because he is not into BDSM or kink play himself, he is happy just knowing that I am fulfilled, and safe. Ok, so what are you into? It would be shorter to talk about what I’m not into, but I’ll go through the list of my interests here so that folks get an idea of what gets me going. Gear play: As a pro wrestler, I’m attracted to all kinds of sports gear from football to hockey, to spandex, to whatever. I am finding stuff all the time that looks cool, and feels great. I find that incorporating it into scenes is also fun as well. So, scenes in or out of gear, be it sports gear, leather, neoprene, rubber—you name it, it’s all good. I particularly love boxing and wrestling gear, football pads, rugby gear, anything with pads, boots, etc. I have my utilikilts, which I wear all summer for you kilt lovers too! Wrestling: I like to meet other men to wrestle either submission style, or pro style. It’s a great way to get the endorphins running. I’ve been wrestling guys since I was 17. It’s a fetish that leads into a ton of other kinks too. I’m also a trained professional wrestler, have a martial arts background, and am currently taking MMA classes as well. I don’t care who wins or loses, but I do enjoy a good deal of pain in the match. I’ve also done some boxing and gut punching as well. Puppy play: I LOVE being a Puppy and have all the gear. I can be happy being a Puppy 24/7. I think of myself as more of a St. Bernard. Big, loveable, scary at times, but fun. Playful and loveable. Just because I’m in Puppy mode, though, doesn’t mean I don’t still like to do BDSM, though. Additionally, I love and crave the physical control while still in Puppy mode. I enjoy eating and drinking from a bowl—but people food—no dog food. Regardless to who says so, it’s not safe. Laundry list of kink activities I enjoy: I get off on being physically controlled, humiliated, and dominated. I love breath control, rough body play, impact play, foot worship, pitt worship trample, bondage—rope, chain, leather, improvised. I really love CBT. It’s one of my favorites. TT as well. Struggling till exhaustion, sweat, and predicament bondage are fun. Mummification, would be a blast to get into, as would sleep sacks, cages, etc. I like electro from guys who know what the heck they’re doing. Bastinado is something I’m very much looking into as well. Forced workouts would be a lot of fun—especially if I had a Daddy joining me in them. I’m very very tactile, so sensory play, pokey wheels, wax, interrogation, and tickling are all fun. I tend to make noise, growl, hum, and other things when I’m in a scene. Observers have actually commented after the scene that the best part of the scene was listening to me. Still, I also enjoy gags of all kinds. It’s nice having that taken away from me, and knowing it’s a no-safe-word scene, or a no- way-out scene. That takes trust, though. I have yet to be fisted, as it’s never really come up. My philosophy is to be open minded until I’ve tried something. Limits? Blood, Kids, Animals, Scat, Un-clean/disease possibility stuff. I’m D&D free. I want to remain that way. So, what about sex? What about it? I’m not opposed to it, but it’s not what I’m specifically looking for. If I am collared by someone who wants sex, then, I’m happy to serve them however they like. That’s how a collared submissive pleases the one who dominates them. But I’m not out looking to get fucked and then “see ya.” For me, it’s about the scene, and the relationship that develops between the Dom and the sub. Further, if the Dom is partnered, too, I am happy to serve both members of the partnership if that is desired. I have no interest in breaking up a couple. I would hope that my presence would enhance their relationship. My own partner and I do not have anal sex. If the Dom wishes to engage in anal sex, then it would be something that he and I would share between us alone. I am tested regularly, and am negative. Further, in the past, I have provided copies of my labs to my Doms as a way to build trust. So, what is it you’re looking for? What I am looking for is a man or a couple to serve as his or their submissive. I understand that people have lives, and I am not looking or available to be a 24/7 live in. I am off during the weekends and the summer, so I can visit for extended times if desired. If local, I would be free to spend as much time as he desired with him. Saint Louis is short on Doms, though, so I have expanded my search, and I am willing to drive up to 5 hours to be with a Dom. In the past, I have taken the train or driven from St. Louis, to Kansas City to spend weekends or a full week with a Dom, once or twice each month. While that may not seem like much, he and I maintained contact through the week via messenger. I also have access to messenger, and other applications. I was originally concerned that a visit once or twice a month would not be enough, however, with the phone calls, and e-mails, I never felt out of touch. In essence, I am looking for a Dom to serve, who will give me a sense of belonging. Through the BDSM activities, I will be challenged and given pain, but will also be rewarded with equal amounts of praise and tenderness as well. Be it a Daddy, a Master, A Sir, a Big Brother, whatever—I am looking to grow with a Dominant, engage in BDSM, attend events, go camping (love naturist campgrounds), and fulfill the need I have inside to be THIS person too. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. I hope to hear from you soon. B.U.D.D.Y.
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