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DuctTapeObsessed Male 23 Gay Bondage Slave
TLDR: College dude who gets off on duct tape. Duct tape gags are required. Anal sex is off the table. Roleplay is huge, but not required. Open to other kinks. Can travel, can host. Not looking for a relationship but love to meet new friends. My biggest turn on has and always will be duct tape. I am a hard-core duct tape fetishist for life. The smell, the sound, the taste. Everything about duct tape gets my blood rushing through me and my cock rock hard. My biggest perversion involving duct tape is the gag: something about how tape sticks to a sub’s mouth and removes the possibility of crying for help or having second thoughts really gets me going. Watching a sub’s mouth squirm underneath sticky tape as they try to get even a single word out will always be my favorite part of any play. Beyond the gag, which almost 100% of the time has to be duct tape, the form of restraints is entirely up to the situation. I have experience using duct tape as a form of bondage, as well as leather, straight jackets, chains, and rope (though I am by no means good at using chains or rope. If you want an elaborate bondage session with hundreds of feet of rope wrapped around you tight, I am not the playmate for that). I can get you tied down tight, but my emphasis has never been on the bondage. It is simply a means to ensure that the beautiful tape gag I place over your mouth will stay there until I remove it. After Bondage, my kinks start to manifest in a couple different directions. Roleplay is huge for me, I have hundreds of fantasies we could try to play out. All involving bondage and power exchange, of course. I love nipples and nipple play, both on myself and on others. I have a strong attraction to armpits, especially hairy ones. I tend to like older guys, so if you’re older than me chances are I think you’re hot. ABDL play interests me, thought I can’t say i have any real world experience. I don’t say I have a foot fetish, but I can appreciate a male’s feet in the right situation. And I only have a handful of real hard limits, same as others in this community. I won’t do $cat and pi$$ play is something that would have to be discussed before hand. My only other limit that I ask be respected is I will not have anal sex with a play partner. Full disclosure, I am in a committed long-term relationship. And we have agreed that anal sex will stay something only he and I share. If you cannot fully enjoy a play session without being penetrated or penetrating someone else, we probably aren’t good fits for each other. Outside of kink, I’m just a relaxed college dude! I work full time and go to school full time, so I have a lot on my plate. But in my free time, I love to play video games (I’m a huge nerd) and I do also smoke weed recreationally. I like to think of myself as a really chill guy, so feel free to message me and strike up a conversation!! Thanks for making it this far, send me a message with the words “duct tape is the best!” Just as a little wink that you read it all. I can travel when I have the time off from school and work, and I can also host from time to time
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