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Make this Hotdog SQUIRM!
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Grunt Male 56 Gay Dungeon Master
I like being a captive, and to that end I don't get to call any shots ... if I use the safe-word then penalties should be incurred against me, and those penalties must be tough, and evil enough to make me really think twice about using that safe-word in the first place. Let's just say, I like to be made to squirm a bit. Speaking of squirming ... RAP sheets can be a great tool for making sure a guy doesn't have any squirmin' room. Keep him around till he's paid up for each and every infraction, real or trumped up. He doesn't get released till you're done with him. I'm a good guy but I can be stubborn. Never know how I'm going to react ... different guys and situations get different reactions out of me. I can be a mouthy hotdog, but sometimes I just get kind of quiet and deal with it within. With some guys I just let them tie me up, but with others I'll put up some resistance. One thing's for sure, if it feels fake or campy ... I'll just laugh and probably tease the shit out of you. I'm not into anything unsafe physically, or 'iffy' as far as health goes. You have to know what you're doing, but if you're the right guy, I like to be tested hard enough that I feel like I'm in a little over my head. Sometimes even a LOT over my head. Some pain, punishment, and crazy tough endurance or predicament bondage that gets tougher as the minutes tick by, and lasts much longer than I care to be in it, is what this boy is after. I like feeling like I'm in deep shit and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. I get off on having to man-up and take it. I have a 'let the boys have their fun with me' attitude. I like being the 'piece of meat', the fella that drew the short straw, the 'on display' toy that you/they are messing with mercilessly. Love hearing the words 'Ok boys, let's get 'im good!' I don't like true (absolute) sadists, but I really do like a guy with a good sadistic sense of humour that gets brought out and used on me liberally. Now THAT really gets me goin'. I'm not into role play, but whatever the scene, it should have the feeling of having been hopelessly stashed in your Brig, barn or Dungeon, and I should feel pretty damn helpless for a few days. I do appreciate the hard work, intelligence and creativity that a Top goes to to build a good scene for both himself and for his victim, and the guys who do it well are very rare, (true artists in my opinion) so if you ever get me in your grasp, I guarantee I won't disappoint you. Hell, if I do? ... WTF, I'm tied up so you get to make me pay up for that till you're 100% satisfied with the scene.
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