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Love Sounds, love Electro, love Verbal.
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JohnnyR1 Male 62 Gay S&M/CBT Give
Love Sounds, love Electro, love Verbal. Love sharp, cool, no drama minds that can express, share, think, explore and try. A kinky mind is Very Good but so is Self Caring. Love verbal & degrading & most things that are kinky, perverted, twisted, not the norm. Slap & spit & degrade are really hot. It takes 2 minds that see all of this as what we are. No shame in what we like & need. Trust & knowing & thus liking & caring about the one we love, play with is important. No fear, few limits, we do to each other what we like & need & crave. I so like different & a good kinky mind. We are a small number but that likewise makes greatness & experiences few can have or know. The ability to be open, to be able to share, express, write, explore, trust are super important to me. Looks are good but a good kinky mind is far, far better. No matter what role, we each have a mind that helps create what we are & what we do & what we achieve.
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