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Love Sounds, love Electro, love Verbal.
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JohnnyR1 Male 63 Gay S&M/CBT Give
Opposite to 'it' it being a kinky, twisted, perverted, submissive, queer, faggot. a faggot that needs an APEX, ALPHA, TOP MAN THAT NEEDS TO OWN, USE, RAPE, DEGRADE, PISS ON, PENETRATE, HUMILIATE, OBJECTIFY a sub human male. it only knows head down, answers all with Yes Sir, Thank You Sir, More Please Sir. no rough playing with its fag penis. all things must be asked for AND APPROVED BY MASTER. fag expects collars, tails, answering much as an animal fag will not act until like a trained dog is told to by its Master. eyes open, mouth open it awaits Masters direction fag does not play with its penis, does not have any needs and gets off on what Master does with it and to it. fag expects to be hit, smacked, slapped, be pissed on and more if Master is not please by anything fag does. fag never says oh, it hurts, no or anything but YES SIR. fag is a bot (robot) Master cannot spit on it, smack it, degrade it, humiliate enough. it is prey, Master is predator. fag was creator for Apex Gay Predator to hunt as prey and be made to do twisted things that please a Master Being completely Dominated is being fulfilled If Master, MAN is not Apex Alpha Predator that 'LOVES' total Domination of a weaker male then fag is not right for it. Predator is NOT crazy just an Apex Twisted Dominant
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