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SIR !!, sub jock seeks continued training, discipline and service
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SUBmate6ft4 Male 61 Gay Bondage Master
Hello SIR... I go by the name sub jock mike..sub because in the presence of an ALPHA male m6 natural state is that of a submissive, jock because sub played varsity ball throughout school and mike is my given name....sub stands 6'4'and on my knees sub is 3’8” , sub weighs 190#, 34w, hung 8, hiv neg, 59 yo , hiv neg..,sub presents well in full body harness, leather chaps, posture collar, hoods, leather jock, rubber fuck singlet, latex cat suit ...sub lives and travels throughout the NYC/ NNJ/ CT and Philly areas ... Before moving to the area sub lived CA and FL and was trained, disciplined and placed into service for periods of 2- 3 years.... sub cherishes those days of our power exchange relationship and now seeks a DOM/ MASTER/ COACH/DAD who is serious about wanting quality meat to strip down, break down and mold into his own .... sub has had extensive experience in bondage, forced milking, chastity, Estim, Venus milking, fuck machines, flogging, hoods, grunge, sweat, mind fucks, body fucks, rape, sensory deprivation, hoods, interrogation, body shaving, breath control , forced poppers and is always looking to expand subs training with new tools by an experienced ALPHA .... SIR ... let’s get this show on the road, you deserve the best now get back so you can begin molding sub into the tool of your desires respectfully sub jock mike
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