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Update: I went off and
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Smtop Male 80 Gay S&M/CBT Take
Update: I went off and married (domestic partner)the guy, but we play well with others. I have recently fallen very hard for a man in Newport. And, we are always looking to make a family. Our profile on here is 'daddy and son' Old profile reads: Gay and single men only! no fags, no smokers and no wimps. Big TOP guy, 68/6'/big , searching for a bottom/son/fuck buddy/cub in Pacific Northwest. Actively retired guy in excellent health looking for a 30/40's-70's man who can enjoy life as it is meant to be. You should be in good health, body not to important(should be able to see your dong when you stand up), non-smoker, like to drink (not a drunk),like family and like to go to sleazy bars, and be self sufficient. I DO NOT SHOW ON THE NET. HIV friendly (I am HIV-)
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