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Dad seeking son for mutual pleasures
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TicklishDad Male 69 Gay Smooth Boy
tickling, handjobs, edging and milking play. seeking young bud 18-30something who likes to play frequently. ticklish twink supershooters to the front of the line. have a real thing for young guys in playgear - speedos, lycra, jockgear. Dad/son roleplay is very cool. Regular playbuds is great. LTRs happen over time. I travel to the states a lot. NY, SoCal, Boston, Philly, DC, Atlanta, SoFla, Toronto, London. HIV neg and STD neg, UB2. 'The compelling reasons men of two generations are drawn closer to each other can bring them close, closer, closest. Older men have wisdom. Younger men have energy. Older men have bigger homes. Younger men look very good stretched out naked in them.' -- Anon.
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