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burgess Male 37 Gay Bondage Master
hi sirs in my present life i am pretty chilled. straight acting. not out. very social.have lived in australia in new zealand at the moment but will be traveling again .hoping nearly expecting on my travils to find a serious master who will keep me lockedvery soon looking at july. trying to get a us visa. i will be going to canada and eu asia up 24/7 with no release or untill contract a libertarian i beleave in individual choice and excepting the consequences of those choices including selling giving one self into slavery.time frame would have to be min of 6 months in captivity and up till my life big fetish is being locked up with no escape possible and kept like a gimp.and being sold or rented to other masters.body mods would have to be discussed if master would only want to keep me 4 shorter period.but full slavery no release ever master may do as he wishes.i am not seeking in any way or form a friend ship with master only the opertunity to be released from lifes normal bondage into the bondage of a master keeping me locked and hidden as his secret only value coming from the plesure i give him.i have already have a couple of potential masters one in the states and in master has to accept me as his slave untill they have inspected me.
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