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Northern Virginia Dad providing discipline to wayward boys
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domguy_nova Male 56 Gay Paddling Take
Young looking Dad looking for that special boy to love, care for, mentor, guide, control, and discipline in a LTR. Firm believer in bare bottom spankings both for discipline and as reminders. Boy should expect total control, loss of privacy, curfews, bed times, chastity, shaving, etc. Enjoy sharing my life with a boy including roller coasters, movies, sci-fi/fantasy, board & card games, and Shakespeare. Loving, but strict and expect to be obeyed. Also able to provide firm discipline to boys who need it on a regular or occasional basis. Spanking, mouth soaping, corner time, writing lines, enemas, and temp taking. Also into harsher discipline such as bondage, cbt, ws, bdsm, etc. However, that is optional. All pics are of me or of boys i have disciplined. HIV- as of 12/29/2016
Annandale Virginia
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