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Love to see a hot man pee his pants.
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mikisit Male 44 Gay Bondage Slave
I love to see a hot man piss in his pants. Watching a fit dude holding a pee until he has no other option but to let go and totally pee his jeans is a major turn on for me. As long as I an remember I have liked seeing other fit men holding their pee until they have no choice but to let go and wet their pants. I didn't know I would enjoy it too until I got caught short after a very long date about four years ago. Had gotten way too hydrated at the gym, then had a couple beers. I tried to make my way to the bathroom but the bar was too crowded and I am kinda pee shy. We eventually left and I drove him home. We kissed and talked for an hour or so, all the while I was busting for a piss. After he finally left for his home, I couldn't use his bathroom because he was staying with friends. I still never got that, but anyway. I drove home, trying to find a cup in my car so I could relieve a bit. I found nothing. I hit every red light it seemed. I got home, swung open the door and hobbled my way across the lawn to my apartment stair. About halfway there my body gave up and I started to piss my pants. I just stood there and let it all flow. Felt amazing. Embarrassing yet really erotic. I got inside, jacked off and showered... and that was that.
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