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rfp6015239 Male 60 Gay Dungeon Master
I am very happily married to a wonderful man and we are in an open marriage. So I am not looking for a partner. My likes are: TT, BD, SM, SPIT, PAIN, VERBA,L PISS, ORA,L FEET, being Skull/Throat Fucked, Rimming, Poppers, Man Smells, & Passionate Kissing amungst others. I'm not into anal, but it is something that I am willing to get used to with the right situation and person. Hard Limits are no bb, blood, scat, injury, broken bones, or permanent marks. I don't know what it is, but, I think it is so HOT AS HELL when someone gets a major hard on by making and watching someone else be tortured and suffer in pain by their hand!!!! I have always fantasized about someone, that is into fighting/boxing/wrestling, who I can submit to. Would like to be strung up and used as their heavy bag. Also punish me with gut punches, kicks, submission holds, slaps, spit, etc. Kinda someone to beat me up in a controlled way. Never done this before so I would have to be a great deal of trust built up in someone and that someone will have train me to take this kind of treatment. Not looking for extreme or injuries.
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