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Pig sado slave seeks hard Master
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slavevi76 Male 45 Gay Collar/Dog Slave
OBJECT FOR USE. Very perverted dog slave, into rubber, leather gear, dog slave with a good imagination, Obedient, loyal, perverted submissive. into long hard bondage sessions, cell and box incarceration, leather, rubber, toilet and piss training, medical inspection, sm, dog training, hoods caging, forced bootlicking, humiliation, degradation, enforced chastity, cum denial, milking, ownership and control, Likes nothing better than total rubber coverage on all fours, hooded, collared, mitted, muzzled, used for the pleasure of others like the animal that I am. is reduced to heavy total rubber dog slave. Losing all human traits in favour to become a real dog. Seriously submissive guy seeking strong sadistic Master. Seriously loves heavy irons cages and cells for periods of days rather than hours looking for possible long term use. And confinement naked chained and shaved. Everyone has limits so it isn't going to suggest it has none! though there are not many. Heavily into extreme.... Fisting,Dildos Plugs.. dog Play Dehumanization.. Extended Chastity.... Corporal Punishment,Flogging, spanking, whipping plaster cast... Hoods,muzzles,Gasmasks... Electro,Medical.. Saline,Enforced Enemas... Piercing.. Humiliation,Piss,Scat (never tried) This Dog Slave Needs To Be Kept Naked Collared And Shaved On All Fours... it is seeking a genuine Master/Owner. it has a genuine need to be OWNED PROPERTY! slave is SIR'S to modify and make into what He wishes it! and has a genuine NEED to be made into an object that only its owner would want. Master who is sane strict sensible, but wants a slave to use for his pleasure and amusment and train as electro torturer/whipmaster/bondage expert/expert wax master/and knows how to use a slave body. and make him suffer/slave has tender skin marks well with whip or strap/takes real electro torture to anus/nipples/cb/can be hung upside down or suspended/ball separation and stretching. REAL MASTER REQ TO TRAIN FULLY my limits are: blood permanent marks extreme pain Barebacking it is also looking for use in the mean time! it is happy to submit to few or no limits use. long term bondage chastity incarceration cages shackles ect I live in Spain but available to relocate in UE Please get in touch Sirs..
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