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silvered muscled sub loves to be abused and used for your pleasure
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usemepleasedaddy Male 59 Gay Masochism Take
This profile might be too hard core S&M sex for most guys to hang with but this is me and what I'm into/looking for not usually looking for competitive wrestling-- sexual masochist here. I come to this through being an S&M sex sub and craven cock whore slave. Looking for sex/wrassling/punishment scenes--cock fighting, muscle a bigger big bellied brusier or ruff muscled older type to boss me around, dominate the fuck outta me--put me in punishment holds, make me beg mercy--get your kicks on making me plead... love to be used like a sex toy. holes for your pleasure and the rest for your amusement-- property of the big mean dom, to be used, a sex pain punishment slave. squeezed on, bearhugged, stretched, forced muscle worship, grinded on, humiliated, whatever the dom wants... violate and punish and work over with hands or what ever toys are agreed on. love rough sex/wrestling scenes. very into squash jobs or punishment sexual and wrestling. love to kick back with other guys on line and watch youtube, Bg east, or rough sex vids and wack off to
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