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Search Function Changes
Some of the search functions that have been hanging around for the past 20 years, have gone away. All of their functionality is present in the MegaSearch, which was added to the site 9 years ago. Some members who are used to using the old searches have voiced confusion, but we decided it was justified because the MegaSearch has such greater flexibility and function.

For instance, any search you run can be saved, to be run again in the future. You only have to give that search a name to save it. There is no limit on the number of searches you can save. And, with saved searches, you can elect to have one of them run every day automatically without your intervention. The results of the automatic search will be sent to you in an email message. This is called, "Automatch."

There is an illustrated help page on MegaSearch, Saved Searches, and Automatch.
Article expires: 2020-10-1512854

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